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    Recruitment rules !


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    Recruitment rules !

    Post by Spl@$h~ on Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:06 pm

    Recruitment part :

    -Use a decent language , respect others , give your opinions with correct words , if you talk shit / insult you will get denied immediatly.
    - Only pro* members votes matters ,useless comments from outsiders will be deleted

    Rules you have to respect !
    - General :

    You can consider yourself as a fragger if you can get a avg of 100 kills or more, based on a 30 min map ( with light weapons )

    1) We dont tolerate cheaters , so dont even think to apply .
    2) We only recruit fraggers , ppl who use real gun to frag .
    3) Xp Whores, Whiners arent welcome into this clan.
    4 )You need to respect others , no insults , if not you are out !
    5) We dont recruit clanhopper , if you had 5 different clans during the year , dont even apply ...
    6) We are a ETPUB clan , we DONT RECRUIT ET PRO players .
    7) We are LOOKING for ACTIVE ppl.
    8 | We are looking for skilled fraggers which can get at least 23 TSP rating.

    About apply :

    9) We will ask you some informations , and we want all the fields completed.
    10) We will ask for 3-4 screenshots over 100 kills , ( NOT XFIRE PROFILE )
    - We need recent screenshots ending stats ,
    - We need to see you name if not screenshot isnt valid
    - We want DIRECT LINKS ONLY !

    11)Ugly,half empty applies will be closed immedialty. we need to see motivation.

    The vote system which we will follow wihtout exceptions :

    If you have more than 4 F2 you will be denied
    Trial can be kicked at any moment , you dont have nothing to say![/b]
    Trials Will start with 0 rating, to see your activity ,scores & ppm. (If you want ,you can ask for a rating transfer from your old nick in case you kept playing with it during your trial ) transfer 95%,If you are motivated and interested to join our clan , you will do it , if you dont go apply somewhere else
    Trials need to get at least 23 TSP RATING on trackbase to pass the trial period in 2 weeks (3 for execptions) !
    NOTE :
    Check your apply regularly , to see how its going on , we may ask you more informations .

    IF you just past your trial period , then you go inactive, you will get kicked . We arent recruiting to get inactive ppl .Recent ppl can be kicked at any moment !

    Co -leaders/Global moderators or myself , will put the final message , to let you know if you are in or not .Sometimes , if its needed, decision will only be taken by leader .

    Rules are edited by Pro* members .
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